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Tanzania Astro-Tour 2020


This astro-safari is unique! On the itinerary:

  • Visit a new, unique educational observatory and science center in rural Tanzania.

  • Visit schools connected with the center, and meet students and teachers.

  • See the wildlife of East Africa in neighboring Arusha National Park.

  • Stay at a lodge bordering the national park, where wildlife often travels by.

  • Observe the celestial wonders of the northern and southern sky.

  • Dates to be determined. We hope to be there for the center's inauguration, which will be a national event, and for the best weather prospects for stargazing and wildlife watching.

  • This astro-safari will have very limited capacity. Sign up below for updates on the itinerary and availability.

To learn more about this innovative science initiative in East Africa, see the Mount Meru Astronomical Observatory website.

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